Schools’ most loved scheduling platform for music lessons now available for LAMDA and drama

Main Features

Magic scheduling

Our bespoke AI-powered algorithm creates the best possible timetable accounting for previously missed subjects, academic subject restrictions, ad hoc activities, and teacher availability. All in one simple click.

Room Bookings

We’ve simplified room reservations for teachers and students alike. Book lessons, rehearsals, or practice, and see which instruments and equipment are available. The feature offers flexibility, last-minute changes and prevents double bookings.

Student Registration

Teachers and admins can mark individual and group attendance. You can even set up bespoke attendance codes and link your learners to the existing billing codes in order to streamline your billing process with our built-in reports.

Attendance Writeback

Visiting teachers can record the attendance of all their students, and teachers will be notified which students will be attending music or LAMDA lessons during their subject.


Make accounting easy - visiting teachers can raise invoices with all relevant data imported.

Progress tracking

Admin, teachers and parents can see just how well the student is progressing through the Involve app

Integrates with every popular Management Information System

Find every system we integrate with along with helpful setup guides on the Wonde website

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