The Guardian Account

Get a clear overview and automated updates of your child’s progress with the Guardian Account

Lesson & practice updates

See what your child has been learning and what they need to work on each week.

Stay organised

Manage everything to do with your child’s instrumental learning in one place.

Swap frustration for fun

We aim to de-stress the whole process of learning an instrument, so you can see your child love learning their instrument.

What does the Guardian account do?

Your account is connected to your child’s learner account, so you feel in control of your child’s musical learning with a clear overview and automated updates. You can also discover our unrivalled supervised practice for learners.

All your family’s music admin in one place, so you can enjoy the music making with your children
Stay up-to-date on your child’s progress with reports and practice aids.
If your teacher is using Practice Pal billing, or you’ve booked any supervised practice sessions, you can keep track of all the information in one place.
Discover just how effective practice can be with our unrivalled supervised practice! This add-on is the best way to boost your child’s progress.

How do I get started?

Just create your free guardian account. From there you can add your learners and sort out all they need for their lessons and practice session

Guardian account

  • View upcoming lessons
  • Access lesson notes and video clips
  • Stay in financial control

Supervised Practice Add-on

Skyrocket your learner’s progress with a practice subscription
£ 7
per week
  • Your learner can practice with the professionals!
  • Get full session reports to your email and Guardian Account
  • Add, reschedule or cancel sessions as needed

What’s the difference between 
lessons and practice?