Practice Pal has safeguarding at its core – Safeguarding is fundamental in all of our decision making as we build and innovate our music teaching software.

Approved by safeguarding experts

Helen Bennett was the designated safeguarding lead at a leading specialist music school. In this video she explains why she is convinced Practice Pal is the only appropriate option for teaching and learning online.

Safeguarding walk-though

Students and teachers can use use Practice Pal in confidence knowing that all of the necessary safeguards are in place.

Safeguarding risks comparison

We have carefully considered all the possible safeguarding risks involved with teaching music one-to-one online. This summary shows how our safeguards differ from other video platforms.

Safeguarding comparison Practice Pal vs Zoom

Any Questions?

How long are recordings stored?

The audio recording of the lessons are stored until the student is 25 years old. The teacher video clips are stored for 5 years.

How does a DSL access the audio and video recordings?

Schools have a dashboard which gives them access to request the recordings for any lessons they would like to review in the light of safeguarding concerns. The school is only able to view or listen to the recordings when both of the two staff members registered to provide oversight on the account confirm that access is required.

Is it a complicated process to set up a school account?

The setup process is simple – we give you a link to send to your staff members to create their accounts within your school oversight. The music teachers then add their pupil list and account setup emails are automatically sent to the parents.