Adding private pupils

NB. If you work with a school that is using Practice Pal we highly recommend that the music department admin add the learners for all teachers so please check with them before adding your own.

If you teach any private pupils or if your music dept have asked you to add your own you’ll need to do this before you can start scheduling your lessons.

From your Practice Pal dashboard click on “Teacher” and then into “Your learners”:

The first time you access this area you’ll be reminded that we recommend that the school pupils should to be added by the school. You can click to avoid this message coming up again using the tick box:

Enter the learners name and the email address for their Parent/ Guardian (for safeguarding reasons, unless the student is an adult learner, we require their guardian’s email address):

Click next and then any optional details you wish to add:

  • The learner’s email address – This is the email address for the student themselves and will get copied in on lesson notifications and notes
  • The instrument that they play and at what grade
  • The school that they attend (Please note this is only for schools that use Practice Pal where you have been added as a teacher, otherwise you’ll only have the option for Private Pupil)
  • Their Year, class and which days they normally have lessons (this doesn’t stop you from scheduling them on other days).
  • Additional emails – Only the one Guardian email can currently create a parent or guardian account but the additional email field gets copied in on all the notes and lesson notifications so can be used to add anyone else who needs to be across this information

Once you’re happy with the information entered click Invite learner, this will send an invite to the Parent/ Guardian asking them to sign up and accept the invite on behalf of the learner.

The learner will show in your list of learners with an orange clock, once the invite has been accepted by the guardian the clock will disappear and the text will change to black.

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