Adding Teachers

Before you can add your learners you need to make sure your teachers have been added. You don’t have to add every teacher in the school but we recommend adding any that take music lessons even if they only teach group lessons or don’t teach whole class lessons.

To add teachers, click into the School Admin panel and then click Teachers on the left-hand side:

In here you’ll see any teachers that you or the other admins have already added. To add a new one click “Add teachers”

When the pop-up appears you can either download and fill in a teacher spreadsheet template, this can help if you’ve got lots of teachers or if you already have a spreadsheet with the teachers and their info on it, or you can add teachers manually.

Adding teachers with the spreadsheet template

To add teachers with the spreadsheet template first click the “teacher spreadsheet template” link in the pop up to download the template:

Once the template downloads open it in Excel or numbers and fill in as much information as you can for each teacher. TOP TIP: First name, Last Name and email are required fields but the rest is optional.

Once you’ve added all your teachers, go back into Practice Pal and drag and drop the file into the uploader or click Select file to upload to find it in your computer and then click next.

Adding teachers manually

To add teachers manually enter their information in the pop-up. TOP TIP: First name, Last Name and email are required fields but the rest is optional.

Click Add Teacher to add any additional teachers and enter their information in the same way

Once you’ve added all your teachers click next.

Emailing the invites to your teachers

Once you click next the template invite to teachers will appear

Here you can change the wording of the automatic invite that goes out to teachers if you wish to.

Once you’re happy with the wording click finish, an invite email will automatically be sent to those teachers (unless you’re still in set up mode) and your new teachers will show in your list of teachers.

You can see which teachers have accepted the invite (Teal square in the screen below) and which haven’t as those who are still pending will show as orange (purple square in the screen below):

Other options in the teacher tab

There are a few other options within the teacher area that might be of use.

Viewing Teachers

If you want to view or make any changes to the teacher’s details you can open up their record by clicking on them which will bring up their full details

Within the details tab you can upload a photo of the teacher, use the edit details button to change any details about the teacher or click Remove teacher to remove them from the school.

The lessons tab allows you to see all their lessons and add, change or delete these if needed (We’ll cover this in a future lesson).

The attendance tab allows you to view and change the attendance for that teachers lesson. A tick means the Learner was marked as present, a cross is for lessons where they were absent and a ? is for lessons where attendance was not taken. If there is a number next to the lesson this shows they had mutiple lessons on the same day.

The templates tab allows you to view and edit teacher specific templates, we’ll cover these in more detail in a future lesson.

Other options in the Teacher area

From your teacher list, on the right hand side of each teacher there are 3 dots which have a few quick actions you can take without having to open up their whole profile:

  • Send set up reminder only appears for pending teachers and sends them an automated email reminding them to set up their account
  • Teacher Profile loads their profile in the same way as clicking on them
  • Lesson planner takes you straight to their lesson tab
  • Delete removes the teacher from the school

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