Adding your learner and attaching them to the school

Once you’ve created your parent account, if you’ve used the same email address the school have sent the invitation to, you should see a notification that you have a pending invitation:

Click on the User dashboard link in the notification or click dashboard on the left hand side to navigate back to the dashboard screen and you should get a pop up which shows all of your pending invitations:

If this doesn’t appear you can click accept invitation on the notification to bring it up:

When you click accept you’ll be given the option to attach the invitation to a learner, if you’ve already added your child as a learner you can select them in the list, if not you can add them from the notification by selecting the “No, add *NAME* to my account” option:

If you can’t see an invitation on your account please get in touch and the team will be happy to help you get your account set up.

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