Adding your MIS restrictions and settings

During the onboarding process your MIS administrator should receive an email requesting them to approve an integration with Wonde, shortly after this has been approved you should receive confirmation from us that the integration is live. If you haven’t had this yet please contact us.

Once the Wonde integration is live you can start adding your learners, which we’ll cover in a future lesson, and setting up your MIS settings and restrictions.

  1. Click into Settings on the left-hand side
  2. Click MIS at the top

Within here there are a few different sections to fill out.

MIS Subject Restrictions

This is where you can set your subject timetable restrictions per year group using your school MIS system., we will cover adding ad hoc restrictions to the calendar in a future lesson.

To add a new restriction click Add year group

MIS Restrictions page

Select the year from the drop-down and then the relevant subjects you want to show as restricted – in this example Year 7 students can’t miss Maths or PE for their music lessons

Adding your restrictions

You can use the add year group option to add additional year groups

Adding other year groups

Once you’re happy with the subject restrictions you can click save to confirm these

MIS notification settings

The next box down from the restrictions is a tick box setting. When ticked Practice Pal will use your MIS every morning at 7am to automatically send an email to all teachers in the school that will have students missing class that day. The email lets them know which Student, what time and when they’ll be back. An anonymised example is shown below:

Teacher notification email

If you don’t want to notify teachers every morning for any reason you can leave this setting unticked.

MIS attendance writeback (beta)

N.B. This is a new feature and is still being developed which is why it has the beta tag.

Practice Pal has the ability to writeback attendance to your MIS through the Wonde integration. This means when a music teacher marks a student as present for their music lesson it will also mark them as present in your MIS so when the class teacher goes to take attendance they will see that the student is in a music lesson.

To enable this first select what attendance code you would like to use, you may already have one for music lessons. Once you’ve decided on the code add it into the box in the MIS tab and request your MIS administrator(s) to also add it to your MIS System with the description “Instrumental Music Lesson”

Once this has been done you need to get in touch with us to request an MIS resync before these changes will take affect.

Currently, only present attendance writes back to your MIS, this was decided as if a student is marked as absent by the music teacher we believe most schools wouldn’t want this to override the class teacher who may have already marked them as present.

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