Adding your timetable length and term date settings

In addition to your MIS restrictions, you may want to add ad hoc restrictions to the calendar for things like inset days, school trips, exams etc. Before you can add these to your calendar you need to add the relevant settings. To do this head into Settings in your School account and then select the settings tab at the top:

Accessing your settings

Once on this screen, there are a few different options, we’ll cover the general settings at the bottom in more detail in the next training topic. For now we’ll go through setting your Timetable length and adding your term dates

Timetable length

You can set timetable restrictions on a 1 week or 2 week basis. This affects when you add recurring restriction that aren’t pulled from your MIS whether these affect every week or just Week A or Week B.

Term dates

In here you can add your term dates, this is used to determine whether a week is Week A or B and is also used to configure and manage some bits in the back end, you can go live without adding these but we advise against it as this can cause issues with the calendar.

To add you term dates click add term:

Add term

Enter the term name and the start and end date:

Adding term date

Add you other terms by clicking Add term and entering the details for the next term, once you’re happy with all of them click Save Settings to save these:

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