The billing area shows any past and upcoming payments for both Guided Practice session and lessons your learner has at school, if these are being billed through Practice Pal. Some schools bill parents direct, if you have any questions about this we suggest reaching out to the school to confirm.

Billing Overview

This section shows what card is currently being billed for charges. You can only see the last 4 digits of the card number within Practice Pal and can update these at any time using the ‘Update Card’ option.

The billing overview section will also show any overdue bills that haven’t yet been paid. These can be paid using the Pay Now option:

Next bill

The next bill area shows when the estimated next bill. You can see the date, estimated amount and if this is for Guided Practice sessions or lessons:

Past bills

This section shows all historic bills, the date the payment was taken and for how much. You can see whether this was for Practice or Lessons and can download a receipt for this payment:

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