PLEASE NOTE: This feature is still in Beta and is being actively developed so there may be some teething issues and things may change as the feature grows. If you have any issues or ideas for what you’d like to see here please get in touch.

To access the billing area, log in to your School Admin account and select Billing from the left-hand side:


The Billing area is split into three sections using the tabs at the top:


TOP TIP: It’s important you set up your settings before you try and run any billing as certain aspects won’t work if the corresponding settings haven’t been configured.

Lesson Rates

The lesson rates area allows you to set rates chargeable to learners for different types of lesson.

  • The first section is Standard Rate, this is required and is your default rate if no other conditions are met:
  • Underneath this is where you can set individual rates for specific lessons. Start by clicking the green plus or “add individual lesson rate”:
  • Give the rule a name and set the rate and then click Set Conditions:
  • Select the conditions that this rate applies to, either the whole school or specific tags, learners or a year and then click save:
  • You can click the green plus to add as many rates as you need.
  • There is then a tick box for whether Ensemble and whole class lessons are free, if so tick this box but if not you can leave it unticked, this enables the Lesson Type drop down in the steps above.

Attendance Codes

The next section covers attendance codes. If your school doesn’t use these then you can leave the “Use attendance codes” block unticked. Doing so uses the classic version of taking attendance where teachers get the option of Present or Absent and a drop down of if this is charged to the school, the learner or free:


If you use attendance codes then when teachers take attendance they instead get the option to select an attendance code rather than who to charge:

  • To set the attendance codes that appear in this drop down go into the settings tab in billing and scroll down to the attendance codes section:
  • Click the green plus or “add attendance code” to create a new attendance code, give it a clear name and tick the box to specify if the learner is charged for this session or not.
  • These automatically save as you add them

Learner Billing Codes

The penultimate section of the billing settings is a list of tick boxes which determine what fields show on the learner billing sheet when you download it. If all of these are left unticked you won’t be able to download your sheet so ensure that at least one column is ticked to include.

Account Codes

The last section is the account codes, here you can select if you want to use account codes for each learner or not. If not you can leave the box unticked and your settings are now good to go.

  • If you do have individual account codes for each learner then click “upload learner account codes”:
  • You can either add learners and the account code individually in the pop up or create a 2 column spreadsheet, one with the learners full name and one with the account code and drag and drop this in.
  • Top tip: you can see more information on the format of the spreadsheet in app by clicking the “How should I format the input” link.

Teacher Claims

The Teacher Claim tab allows you to generate a spreadsheet of school-taught lessons for any selected teacher(s) in a given time period.

  • Click Billing on the left-hand side and select the Teacher claim tab at the top
  • Select your start and end date for the claim period
  • Using the Teacher drop down select if you want to run this for all teachers or a specific teacher
  • Use the same drop down for any additional teachers
  • Click Download

This will create a spreadsheet with a separate tab for each teacher’s school-taught lessons. If a selected teacher did not have any school-taught lessons during this period they will not be included in the spreadsheet.

Learner Billing

Please note the learner billing feature is still growing and we recommend you check any data against your own records.

The learner billing feature allows you to create a bill for specific learners, the whole school or specific year groups or tags.

  • Click Billing on the left-hand side and select Learner Billing tab at the top.
  • Click Generate new bill
  • This will open a pop up asking you to select the billing period:
  • You can use the tick box below to select if the bill is for the whole school
  • If the bill isn’t for the whole school you can use the drop downs to select which Tags, individual learners or year groups you want to generate the bill for.
  • Click generate bill and the new bill will appear in the list:

You then have a few options on the right-hand side:

  • Check data – This will open up an expanded view where you can check your data
    • Firstly it will display any learners included in the billing sheet which are missing account codes and provides the option to add these in
    • Once you click save and continue it displays a list of lessons where there is missing attendance information. You can either edit these yourself using the pen icon, please note all fields have to be filled out in order to update these, or use the tick box to select the relevant lesson(s) and then use the “email teacher” link to prompt the relevant teachers to edit the attendance for these lessons.
  • The bin icon – this deletes the billing sheet, a pop up will appear asking you to confirm to avoid accidental deletion
  • The pen icon – this allows you to change the date range or learners shown in the billing sheet
  • The last icon is the download option and will download your billing sheet as an Excel spreadsheet

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