Changing lesson times

There are a few different ways to change lesson times from your planner.

1) Click and drag

The easiest way to change where a lesson sits in your lesson planner is by clicking on the lesson, holding down the click button and dragging the lesson to another time:


Any areas with red lines on the left side are times when that particular learner has another event in your MIS that is marked as a restriction.

2) Edit the lesson

Another way to edit the lesson time is to click the edit icon on the bottom-right corner of the lesson block to reopen the initial set up window where you can amend the start and end time as well as any other details you want to change:


3) Rotate lessons

The third option to change lesson time is to rotate your lessons, this can also be a good option when you copy your week as a template and want to change the order of lessons.

Lock any sessions that need to stay at the same time (i.e. 6th formers that have to have lessons at the same time each week or empty slots for breaks) by clicking the padlock:


Once you’re happy with which lessons will rotate and which are locked you can rotate either an individual day or multiple days/ the whole week.

To rotate a single day simply click the rotate symbol at the top of that day:


Alternatively to rotate across multiple days tick the boxes to the left of the date and then use “Rotate lessons” at the top of the plan:


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