Going Live

Once everything looks ship-shape and you’ve coverde the essential bits in this course (and as much of the optional extras as you want to use), you’re ready to hit go live! Before you do there are a couple of things we recommend doing:

Emailing your Parents/ Guardians

We recommend you send an email or letter to Parents letting them know all about Practice Pal, this way they know to expect their invite from us and don’t delete it or ignore it.

You can download our email template for this here

Getting your Teachers on board with Practice Pal

We are in the process of building a similar training course for teachers but in the meantime we recommend you send them our brilliant help articles which will help get them trained up and ready to get the most out of Practice Pal

They can find all the Teacher resources here.

Click the Go Live Button!

Once all the above is sorted the only thing left to do is go live. You can do this from the top bar of any screen that should look like this:

Or you can go into settings and Go Live:

Once you click this all the teacher and learner invites will go out and you can start making the most out of Practice Pal.

What happens next?

Hopefully once you hit go live everything will go smoothly and you, the Teachers and Parents will all find Practice Pal really useful but any issues please do get in touch with us at [email protected] and feel free to share this with the teachers and parents too.

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