The overview area of the parent account gives you a quick overview of which teacher(s) the Learner is connected to and when their next lesson is.

At the top of the screen there is a drop-down where you can switch between learners if you have multiple attached to your Parent account:

Next to their name there is a 6 digit alphanumeric code which the learner can use to log into the Learner App (we’ll cover that in more detail in another topic further on).

Underneath the name you can see which teachers the learner is connected to:

You can also see when their next lesson is:

This shows the next lesson coming up but also gives the option to navigate to the Upcoming lesson tab where all future lessons can be seen, if your learner has lessons with multiple teacher this can be the easiest place to see all of their upcoming lessons, we’ll cover this section in more detail later.

If no lessons show here you’ll need to contact the school directly. Whilst we can provide assistance with technical issues or questions, the school schedule lessons themselves so we’re unfortunately not able to advise on why lessons haven’t been booked in.

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