Personal Details

The personal details area is where you can view and update any details the school have entered for you or your learner as well as change your email preferences.

Account holder details

These are your details, this is where you can update the name and contact email address the school have entered if there is an alternative email you’d prefer to use or if you wanted to move the account into another name:

Learner details

This section allows you to view and update the details of the learner, you can change the name if required, add an email address for them which will get CC’d in on all lesson notes and notifications. You can also update the instrument they learn:

In this section you can also view the app username and access code, the username will only populate if the learner has created their account. This can be used if the learner gets a new device and can’t remember their log in details.

Email Preferences

This section applies these updates to all learners, if you have multiple learners set up against your account you only need to update these preferences once rather than for each learner individually.

This section allows you to change the preferences of when we send emails to the address specified in the Account Holder details section:

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