Practice Sessions

The Practice Sessions section refers to our Guided Practice add-on. This is an optional extra that is offered by Practice Pal where, in addition to the lessons through the school, your Learner can take their music playing to the next level by having their music practice sessions supervised by one of our mentors. Our mentors are all qualified, professional music teachers who are regularly trained and reviewed to ensure they’re delivering the best quality guided practice sessions.

If you wish to sign your learner up for Guided Practice sessions this can be done in the Practice Sessions area.

Practice Sessions

This top section shows any upcoming and weekly sessions that are already booked in and any notes and reports from previous practice sessions:

The second section is where you can sign your learner up for guided practice session by selecting your plan:

You then need to select your day, time and session length:

Once you click continue you’ll be asked for your card details and can then download and log the learner into the app, which we’ll cover in a future section.

Managing your subscription

You can edit or end the learner’s Guided Practice sessions at any time.

When you have an active plan you’ll see this at the top of the Practice Sessions area and will have the option to Cancel, Pause or Edit the plan. You may also see some Unallocated blocks, there are additional sessions that you have bought or been given which can be booked in using the ‘book Practice’ button.

Cancelling your plan – This will stop all future payments and guided practice sessions

Pause Plan – this is useful if you’re going on holiday or if your learner needs to take a break from their practice session for some reason. You can specify how long to pause the plan for and, during this time, no payment will be taken or sessions booked until the end date.

Edit plan – this option allows you edit how many sessions a week your learner has and on which days

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