Currently, Tags are only used to apply specific rates for individual learners but as the system grows we plan to utilise these in other ways.

Creating and editing tags

To edit your tags click Learners on the left-hand side and then click edit tag library:

Within the pop up you can see the existing tags that have pulled from your MIS and use the text box to search for these or add new ones:

Once you’re happy with your tags click Done

Adding Tags to a Learner

To add a tag to a learner click into Learners on the left-hand side.

Search for the relevant learner using the search bar and then click to select them

Once you’re in the record click the edit icon on learner tags in the bottom right

You can use the drop down to search for tags and click them in the list to add them, if you need to remove them click the white X on the right hand side of the tag:

When you’re happy with your tags click Update Tags to save.

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