The lesson room

We’ll cover lesson notes and media in more detail in a later topic, this one is more of an overview of the lesson room in general.

When it is time to start your lesson with a learner click the Lesson room on the left-hand side:


On the right-hand side you can see any sheet music that has been added, this can be minimised by clicking the sheet with a music note in:


On the left hand side there are a few different Icons that allow you to do different things.

The top icon with the person in allows you to make private notes, unlike the notes in the main area these can only be seen by you, they aren’t sent to the learner or their parent and school admins aren’t able to see these. Most teachers like to use this for internal notes or to quickly type short form lesson notes that they can make look nicer and more coherent before sending to the parent:


The calendar icon brings up your lessons for the rest of the day which can help you prepare, know when you have a break coming up, if the current lesson can overrun a bit or if another learner is waiting.

The Tick box allows you to take attendance, for more information on this see the relevant topic later on in this course.

The main body allows you to add public notes that are sent to the parent at the end of the lesson and will soon be downloadable by your school admins, for more information on this please check through the notes topic later on in this course.

The plus button in the bottom right allows you to add an attachment from your device to be included with the notes, this could be a PDF, some sheet music or anything else you want to attach. You also have the option to take a photo which can be useful if you prefer to use hand written notes and attach these as an image. You can use the webcam for your laptop or, if you log in on your phone, you can use the phone camera:


You can see these images and attachments by going into the Media tab at the top – we’ll cover this in more detail later

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